NAI History

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NAI Global History

In 1978 Gerald Finn created a vision for a national brokerage network and founded New America Network, Inc. By 1984 the network had reached 100 affiliate members across the country with several large corporate accounts to boast. In 1990 the company was doing $10 billion in annual sales and in 1996 launched a global expansion initiative. New America Network, Inc. then became NAI (New America International) and adopted a corporate brand strategy for its members. 30 years later, NAI Global is an industry leader in commercial real estate with many awards and accolades in technology and brokerage services.

NAI offices around the world complete over $45 billion in transactions annually. We also manage over 200 million square feet of commercial space.

In 2009-2010 NAI Global received top industry rankings and honors:

  • Named Global Broker of the Year by Private Equity Real Estate magazine

  • Ranked #1 Network and #3 Overall Corporate Services Provider in Watkins Research Group Survey of Corporate Real Estate Executives

  • Ranked #4 on Lipsey's Top 25 Real Estate Brands

  • Ranked #6 on National Real Estate Investor magazine's Top 25 Brokerage Organizations

NAI Global is based in Princeton, New Jersey. A dedicated 70-person staff, strategically positioned around the world, provides management, technology, marketing and corporate services support to its network of real estate offices.

NAI WEST History

With 4 offices in Utah and an affiliate of NAI Global, NAI WEST is part of a global real estate service network comprising 325 offices in 55 countries.

In 1998, NAI WEST Commercial Real Estate was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah to take better care of local and regional clients. Before NAI WEST existed, full-service brokerages did a good job of taking care of just the brokerage. Money was not being put back into company operations in turn limiting the services to the agents and brokers. Without in-house services the agents were unable to properly service their clients. Several brokers had a different vision of how a commercial real estate brokerage should create value-added services for their clients, and thus NAI WEST was created.

There was an opportunity to provide better market data, better technology, better efficiencies, more long-term relationships and being able to handle corporate business in multiple areas as opposed to just the local marketplace. NAI WEST wanted to be able to provide services for clients that had needs locally, nationally and internationally. NAI Global provided a platform for all of these opportunities not yet available to the market, and within 5 years of its inception NAI WEST was a top industry leader in Utah. In 2010, NAI WEST received top industry rankings:

  • Ranked #1 Utah commercial real estate brokerage by Utah Business Magazine

  • Ranked #1 Utah Property Management firm by the Enterprise Newspaper

Today NAI WEST continues to provide exceptional service to help their clients strategically optimize their real estate assets. With over 100 professional brokers and more than 80 staff members, NAI WEST is everywhere to assist with your real estate needs while creating and preserving real estate values.

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